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Broken Lineage
They hid it long ago,
beneath a place,
where no one goes.
Their ancestors wept
in the ancient cairns
where they slept.
Its rightful owner not known.
The infighting began,
but it would never be owned.
Hidden away for good of their line.
They locked it away,
for the very last time.
But history repeats
and power corrupts.
The one who seeks, defeats
It was unearthed from a mine,
and the seeds of unrest
were fresh in their mind.
It sat upon a table
fulfilling its goal.
They’d soon live out the fable.
The last of their line
turned toward each other,
for the very last time.
The twenty of them, all ravaged.
Slaughtered and strewn,
upon the floor like savages.
Their ancestors wept
in the ancient cairns
where they slept.
They hid it long ago,
beneath a place
that nobody should go.
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In worlds of flavour, boldness,
   of coffee and creme.
An age old adage stays true,
   stating; less is more.
If weak brew is what you seek,
   do try a lighter roast.
The age old adage stays true,
   stating; less is more.
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He may look completely sane,
but there's an argument happening
inside of his brain
No matter how he urges it to stop,
his hair pulled out and to his knees,
he pathetically drops
For within his mind goes on, a riot
and in a crowd of many he shrieks,
bloodcurdlingly so, "Quiet!"
He no longer looks so sane,
for there's an argument happening
inside of his brain
He thought he was able to grease the gears,
and that the medication had helped,
he put up with it for so many years
Within his mind there is no longer silence,
and he decides to fight them no longer,
he follows the voices with total compliance
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 6 1
In the Scarecrow's Mind
   At dawn, the sun begins to wrap itself around the horizon.  The stoic guard, ever watching over his Lord's subjects has not slept.  He stands tall, proud, and triumphant each day with not a speck of food or a wink of sleep.  His Lord's loyal subjects turn to wake, and watch him in awe as the rays of sunlight give birth to a vibrant new world.
   His enemies are many, yet he keeps them at bay.  His stern, serious gaze deters those that would threaten harm to his Lord's subjects.  His point of view remains the same throughout the year, as the seasons change.  He watches his enemies driven before him year-round, his Lord offering sustenance to those he watches over, only to be cut down at harvests end.
   He feels no sadness for their loss, and remains vigilant over the cold winter months.  He braves the harsh biting cold, the blowing snow, and the loss of his Lord's subjects each year.  As the snow thaws, he
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 5 5
they did not know
...they did not know
but it was starting to show
that I'll never stop the snow,
from falling down
Out in the cold,
they gather where told,
where ice pelts the ground,
and I'm weak
A trick of the ages,
takes seven stages
but as I flip the pages,
I realize I'm powerless
We freeze,
frost covers the trees
and winter bites with the breeze
It's apparent now.
Through thick and thin,
I can create fire, divide ground
I see the divine, and call out sin
But I can never stop the snow,
from falling down.
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 1 0
I walked
Through the rain I followed,
as I said I would.
I bear the pain of solitude,
as you condemned me to.
I pray for there to be a way,
to see the sunrise.
To find the light at the end
of this tunnel.
Oh I wish to go back to a day,
when you were here.
But you left so long ago,
What was I to do?
I walked,
Under the suns' oppressive rays,
over sand and silt, I walked.
Through torrents of rain,
and fetid mire bog.
In wandering I found nothing,
and hope abandoned me.
While searching I lost sense,
and touch felt cold.
Through despair I learned the truth,
there was no more me or you.
And the words shined clear as day,
In my reckoning I was saved.
The breeze carried sweet that morn,
of a familiar scent.
Told tales of bittersweet memories,
and living for the moment.
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 4 1
Storm and Sea
Let the clouds roll in
and the rain pour down
May the wind rip through the trees
and the leaves of autumn cry on
Let the waves crash
against the rocky beach
May the sound of distant thunder
echo through the valley
Let the lightning flash above
and follow with a resonating clash
May the hush of silence follow
and the skies open up once again
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 2 0
Original Sin
We stroll through the garden tonight,
drunk on our own immortalizing ambrosia.
Fearless now, and cast out by the light.
Lost in the moment and a sense of euphoria.
We'll walk down the beaten trail,
and into the grove where the fig tree grows.
The night runs wild, as our will turns frail,
and we watch the stars and seek to know.
We'll give in to original sin,
The temptation that burns deep inside,
and sparks the hungering fire within.
We've no more shame to hide.
The sky thunders and lights ablaze,
and we embrace in a lustful frenzy.
Our minds set free, and we're amazed.
We give in with an urging plea.
The temptation burned too hot.
All our kind, damned forever.
but like those who follow, we care not.
we revel in pleasure and the scent of myrrh.
The morning sun shines over the hill,
and we're cast out of paradise.
We've had a taste, but not our fill.
Just one bite would not suffice.
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 4 5
Fake 'n Bake
My arms are the colour of orange,
as are my legs, hips and face
I was attempting to look foreign,
and get a tan for the race
I slathered the lotion on,
as liberally as I could
I was expecting a golden brown,
instead I got autumn orange wood
So take my advice,
when you decide to fake 'n bake
The sun will suffice,
and won't make people double-take
By the time it turns fall,
and this is what bugs me most
Unless I keep dabbing it on,
I'll be white as a ghost
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 2 3
The Longing Feast
The sound of wind overhead,
ripping through the trees,
the needles of the pine.
Lost in a state of self,
I ponder the ideas of freedom,
and question the divine.
"Where is the feast we were promised, o lord?"
I beckon to the sky abruptly,
a question too blunt to ask first,
no matter how much it hangs on my mind,
"Where is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?"
The sky remains the same,
velvet clouds strewn upon blue,
In impatience my eye twitches,
My need for an answer overcomes me.
"What matters the reward if the journey was overbearing on my soul?"
Grimacing, I remember conversations,
'the plan' and intelligent divinity,
passionate, hateful motivation,
and unwavering conviction.
"Will there be gold in our hands at the end of the journey?"
"If we do not wish for nectar, what will sustain us?
Is the feast so amorphous that it can accommodate everyone?
What of those who did not make it, but I can't help but think about?
Must I revel in eternity longing for their company, knowing the
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 3 1
Mature content
At the Bottom of the Stairs :iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 1 5
Do you...
Do you still listen to Our Lady Peace,
when you're all alone?
When 4 AM starts playing,
do you sit there, sad and stoned?
Do you find solace in talk and prattle,
as the day winds on?
As you hit the pillow,
are you happy it's done and gone?
Are your dreams akin to your ambition,
and follow their ebb and flow?
When you wake, do you relive the day prior,
or use it as a chance to grow?
Do you long for a world without words,
and to rest under a willow?
Will peace ever find you,
and that you'll reap what you sow?
:iconaberrantcrick:aberrantcrick 2 0
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Does it make me a hipster if I'm happy and genial when the norm for people my age is trite and sardonic?

Feels good man.




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